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    Nearly 7 years later, and I still miss you. I haven’t had that connection with anyone else I have met since then. In a year I’m moving to your country, and I’m terrified, because my family lives just an hour away from you. Do you remember me telling you that my family was from there

    I am

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    No good for you. I know this. I don’t blame you for anything. At all! If anything I thank you. Thank you for what you did allow. It was amazing. You are amazing. You are so strong. The Irish are blessed. So are the people you allow. Related Post Dating Hope Street YOU MUST CALM

    Have you

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    Ever thought that just maybe she’s feeling and going through everything I am? I know I look well put together and confident on the outside. But my inside is a black pit of lonely. I do long for you. I’m not talking sexually, although that does come with loving someone deeply as well. I’m talking

    Truth in Print

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    Dear fellow travelers, I have endured enough insanity and only desire to converse, not scream, point fingers, or denigrate anyone’s thoughts or beliefs, just converse. I was lucky enough to be born an American Citizen in the late 50’s, no, blessed to be born an American Citizen. I am a white male, no college, born

    Only You

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    Why couldn’t you just believe and remain patient with us? Why did you push me away to only give up on our conquered battles? Why baby? Was it her? I think it was. I already knew a lot, things you had no idea that I knew. That’s only why I asked you certain things that