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    Just kidding. I imagine you’re waiting for this type of response from me, but it’s not coming. I saw something pretty amazing today. I’ll give you two guesses what that was. Beyond my considerable awe, my prevailing thought was that I wish I could have seen it with you. Love, Me Related Post Dear Asshole


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    J, You’ll probably see this. You’ll probably figure out it’s me. Not sure if I’ll be okay with that at the moment, but here I go. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I keep messing up, that I keep fucking things up. I’m sorry I’m not what you’re looking for. You deserve so much better than I

    My longing for WvR

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    Stage 1: a Hint of potential. It begins with a meeting of the eyes. A glance from you locks onto mine, and a jolt of electric potential travels up and down my spine. A laser shoots through that church, landing in my heartstrings. Stage 2: the Spark of attraction. The Spark is contained, but it

    to you

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    Hey, times have been hard lately, but I can’t contact you. I should, but I shouldn’t. Because there was something that happened between us. You were my best friend, my partner in crime, and most of all, you were my first love. Yes, you read right, you were my very first love, and i’m still

    So yeah

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    What is wrong with me, I should stop talking to him. But I miss him and I know we won’t see each other for a very long time and I know I should accept that. I enjoy talking to him and I feel like me and him would have a great friendship. Honestly I know