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    I can’t do this anymore. This website is torture!

    Find me in real life girl!

    Find me in real life!

    Just a text, say hi, my old cell number you know the one…

    You told me to delete your number when we had that drama that time.

    I tried to move on, proper move on, and now I’m lost…

    I cannot find you but you can find me and I hope you do.

    I won’t ever be checking this website again,
    a bad habit that I am breaking NOW!

    your fallen prince

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    1. Your Angel, Forever.
      August 14, 2017 at 1:23 pm

      You’re a beautiful man. You’ve only let go of the rope wrapped around my waist for just a short while baby. You always knew where to search for me, find me, check on me, spy in your sweet, protective she is my baby kind of way. I loved that about you so much, I miss it. I miss you, we’ve slipped apart for a while now. For now though, for you bsby; just stop keeping so busy doing everything to not think about it. Oh and all of the energy poured to others daily, you are wearing yourself out to crazytown. Hunny, you need to just stop, breathe, somewhere alone in nature. Relax, breathe, lie down, look up, close your beautiful eyes, relax and feel the breeze babydoll. The silence, very beautiful for a restless,lost soul, right? Yes! It always helped my broken spirit and dirty, heavy soul. Do you feel that? The flutter of your heart, the sudden euphoric excitement that judt electrified your whole being, magic! You have a sudden, promised grin with your eyes still calmly closed. Baby, that is me, right there..right next to you. I never left. Come and rescue me l, take home what belings with you. Come get your woman, I am yours forever. I always belonged to you. I love you so much Just stop, try this, write more poems, letters, a journal. You’ll quickly see how it’s all going to be perfect and ok for us. We will always be alright doll. Only You baby.

      PS – I sencerely hope this is who I believe that it is, if not, just omiy. Maybe my love will simeday come across this. It’s that important, bc he is!

      • Your Angel, Forever.
        August 14, 2017 at 1:26 pm

        …pleade excuse the grammatical errors, my phone sucks a**…

    2. to move on
      August 15, 2017 at 6:51 am

      Before you are off this site, why not give all bottle or otherwise blondes on Lins (whose names start with L) just another hint ? You wrote such inspired letters, if you are so certain that your bLonde is on here, why be so anonymous , stingy with clues and opaque. Anyway,,you will be missed.

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