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    F off

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    I am so done with you. If you would’ve answered my text, if you would’ve met me outside, I only would’ve asked you if it were real. I need to know for my own sanity… was my dream the other night real? Did I wake up where I thought I was? In a drunken stupor?


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    We won’t last. I know that. Two years or less is all I give you. I told you. Life’s to short. Your selfish. All the money in the world…doesnt make a man. Your out of town and send me a text? Goodnight to you too. Grow up, put on deodorant…just saying….and learn to love a

    To the jerk I know

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    The best thing I can do with my thoughts it is to write them down. Because I am angry. I am really angry. I am even afraid to go on Facebook, in case you see I am online. Because last time when you decided to tell me in a car (instead of any other time

    Still Thinking About It

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    To abuse is to misuse. Take advantage of, exploit. The abuser puts you down because you’re not adroit. Abuse is an improper use. It’s violent, mistreatment, molestation. Things that keep an abused person silent. Because when you’re being abused, you don’t see it as being used, or being complacent. You’re not trying to escape because