• Just makin’ a promise — on a website because I believe too much

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    So its strange to send this on a website. I feel that going outside, writing this on an airplane, and throwing into the wind would do better, but its not a good time, and being the paranoid person I am, going outside alone without letting anyone know is quite dangerous. Yet this task is best done alone, so I guess the internet will suffice.

    After all, its the belief that counts, and that’s why I do these kinds of things. I feel that if I write it somewhere and release it outward, it will heal my broken heart and it will make me feel fulfilled, like it mattered, and like the promise I am about to make will have actually been made and therefore it will be carried out.

    At times I question the newer technology, but I probably shouldn’t be afraid of the new medium. Besides, a paper would be quite strange to a caveman, and an “internet” is quite strange to me. But nonetheless, its the wish that counts. That’s why we, or at least I, do these things.

    I promise, to myself, that I am not going to let myself down.

    I will reach my dreams, in the allotted time that I have chosen, and that I have always felt.

    I will try not to stall, to melt my brain on these new fads, to fall victim to the common addicting entertainment that does nothing for me in the long run. Because I will try my best to not to let anything get in the way of my dreams.

    I will listen to myself and to my friends.

    I will believe in myself.

    I will let myself be depressed if I need to be, but I will not feed it with things that I know I don’t need.

    I promise that I will be rational, healthy, and I am going to do this. This which I have wanted for a long time.

    I WILL NOT LET IT GO. I will NOT let mundane things get in the way of what I want.

    I promise, in 3 years, I will have reached my dream. And I promise, within 1 year, I will be able to see the dream very close by. I promise, that even today, I will work on that dream, and that at the end of this year, I will have started a journey.

    In two months, I will aspire to write a REAL letter. And if I cannot, I will not let it hurt me more than it needs to.

    I will learn, and I will keep my promise.


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