• I had a dream with you/I think I may be ready soon enough

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    Hey you,

    I had the weirdest dream with you. I’m calling this an alternate universe. I prayed to her last night that I’d be reconnected with you individually without really anyone else knowing. We don’t want to cause to much uproar at first. Not sure if she gave me a sign, but I had dream with you last night. So I’ll take that as a sign.

    In the dream it seems to me that we’ll reconnect to the place you feel most is home. That’s fine. You were surrounded by some folks you considered friends and I was surrounded by near and dear colleagues. Instead of having the son you now have. You had a daughter, weird right!

    You mentioned how you didn’t want to bring up the past and that you wanted to start off fresh with honesty. Honestly speaking, in the dream I told you I was with homeboy still and you asked me if I was finally ready to let go of that situation? I told you yes. You mentioned that you wanted a fresh start with me so that we could move on up. For some odd reason although in my waking life, I too want a fresh start with myself and you . If we ever reconnected on that level, I’d want that too. But in this dream I could let go of the past question.

    What shocked me most in this dream was that I was doing extremely well financially and professionally. Overall, I was doing great. Lately, I’ve been so concerned with how I’ll be doing in the near future. I even was having my own place furnished and worked on. Guess what? It was all pink. Our favorite color. Another sign. I was a stronger version of me. I like that. I guess I was shocked in my dream to not see you doing so well. You were financially struggling — renting out one of the apartments in your family’s multi family house, paying off a car, student loans, and supporting most your child as a single dad. You told me that your benefit left you for someone else. You were hurt but realized that you were wrong about your original pick. You apologized. I was still in awe, shocked that we found our way again.

    Just know that if we ever reconnect, I’ll take you as you are my king. I love you ??????

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