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    An unmistakable iridescence fills the upper center. This is mine; I have offered it to no one. It is also yours, beyond a necessity that I offer it. Neither of us owns it. It’s just out there, existing as its own superposition, permeated by a potential, a vitality that impinges on the boundary between here and HERE.

    I feel this, and I think it’s important. I concentrate on nothing at all and it dissociates from the biological impulses that lead me to starvation in more ways than one. But then I remember–to describe is to distort. So instead of collecting the flower I had permission to keep I take a picture of it because it can serve me as a companion in appreciation …

    … but it cannot be removed because it already has a home.

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    1. @ Iridescence
      July 10, 2017 at 2:57 pm

      Very nice letter ! Thank you .

    2. Home is..
      July 10, 2017 at 11:08 pm

      ..where the heart lies. You may never know how much truth these words hold but I do.
      Uprooted to early in life always searching, always. I never felt what most people do..this place where you feel safe, this place you can really call home. I came close, I am close but only in my heart I know the real truth. I will never have a home without the one I love and this can be anywhere, anywhere at all.

      I would travel the world or move to the last corner of it just to be with him IF only he’d feel the same anything would be possible.

      Don’t settle for dreams if reality holds so much more beauty than the mind can imagine.

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