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    So im writing these letters to hopefully help me heal this heart break. This kind of heart break is the one where you didn’t expect to have feelings for that person and when they do break your heart , you really didn’t want it in the first place. I was doing fine until I ran into him.
    I could read him as soon as I laid eyes on him, he’s those kind of guys that aren’t into serious relationships and loves to break hearts. So I told myself there’s no way I’m falling for him .
    But I did anyways , he was tricky , he told me childhood stories, showed baby photos, embarrassing stories. He was trying to get close to me and I let him. Despite what I told myself. We became friends , then months later he was stained on my mind and I couldn’t get him out. And I had feelings I tried getting rid of , I even used his flaws to hate him and I still loved him.

    He told me the truth and said he wanted to be friends with benefits. There’s no way I’m down for that. I should’ve seen it coming but I was hoping I was wrong that he really cared about building a friendship first ,but nobody does that shit anymore. At least he didn’t keep lying to me . even though I was right about him it still hurts , because he wanted to get close to me for one thing. And I actually cared for him.

    I still feel like a fool and I’m embarrassed.

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    1. Kate
      July 13, 2017 at 1:22 am

      Aww your no fool. Sometimes we are supposed to go through hard lessons in order to grow, learn and become stronger. Besides caring about someone no matter who they are. Is nothing to feel ashamed of. Much love to you! <3

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