• Its OK

    by  • July 6, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 1 Comment

    Please don’t get it twisted , I can live on without you and I’m just hurt right now . it might feel like it will take forever to get over this , but I survived a lot and I always make it through another day. As much as I don’t want to, I do still love you, . I really don’t know why it’s really pointless to love someone who doesn’t care.
    Maybe you were a lesson to remind me to be careful of the company I keep, who knows but you tried to play me , use me. You thought I was a weak minded girl and I was going to give myself to you. You’re crazy and a fool.
    It was obvious I cared about you, and you still treated me like shit. I guess some people can’t help it . their just shitty people. Oh well, I fell for you, you broke my heart. Time to heal the wound and keep going on with life . that’s all I can do. But just know there’s no more chances.

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    1. Doesn't matter who wrote this if you think about it!
      July 7, 2017 at 6:03 am

      Like I’ve said, I back you 100% on all your decisions. I have thus far and will continue to do so.

      Love you,

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