• To the one that got away

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    To the one that got away,

    I love you to the point that I am willing to never say the words if it is not me that makes you happy. I think you are really an incredible person, a person who made me realize the person I need to be. Everyday, I regret not telling you this when I asked if you wanted to take a walk, or in any of the other countless opportunities I may have had before that. I regret never acting like I really cared. I regret never making it clear that I more-than liked you. I took what I felt, and buried it deep. Ignored it- maybe I was afraid of following my heart, but when I realized in my mind I was wrong, that maybe I wasn’t being the person I needed to be….I knew I had made what I think is one of the biggest mistakes throughout my own life. Everyday I think about you, but never talk to you; because if I did, I couldn’t stand the tension of me not being able to tell you this, because I am happy that you are in a relationship with someone you like- even if it isn’t me, if anything I feel like I deserve separation for being indecisive. I wouldn’t want to take any happiness away from you, and would rather deal with the longing I have to be with you that will now never be satisfied- if it ever even were able to be. I pray to God that I get over this and move on from the one that got away, or that I find resolve- but there is none thus far. I regret not making it more clear how thankful I actually am for you, because you may not even know it; but the person you are made me realizes the person I need to be. And if there is ever another like you that walks into my life…I will never make the mistake of being indecisive. There will be little deliberation needed to know that this person, like you, is someone worth pursuing without reservation. I made a huge mistake. And I pray that the person with you now knows what he has found- and is not a fool as I have been, now missing the one that got away. But it is the one that got away, that I now carry in my heart; though I may never have yours.

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    1. A.
      July 4, 2017 at 11:40 am

      I bet you’re a totally different person and a guy just broke my heart so I wish he was telling me this.

    2. Makeneffort
      July 4, 2017 at 2:35 pm

      Well so much for trying to fix that eh?

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