• My sadness.

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    I waited for you, waited for years in fact. I am sorry but I can’t wait any longer. I won’t wait any longer.
    I’ve been so unhappy for so long. There is someone else now, tugging at my heart strings. He makes me happy, he reminds me of you and how you always made me feel so alive and safe.
    He’s enough to make me leave my desperately unhappy situation. The sad truth is, I always thought you’d be the one to save me..You could always talk the talk – all the words in the world.. but you would never walk the walk. I know now you can’t and never will.

    I guess you are truly happy in your situation even though you always told me you are not, and I was the one. I feel lied to and that makes me sad and even angry now when I think of you. And I never thought that when I thought of you I’d be doing it with a hardened heart.

    Your once but never to be again – Cat.

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