• I love you so much

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    These are things that I would never tell you in person because I know you don’t feel the same…
    Whenever I see you I start to get these butterflies in my stomach. I want to look good for you and I am so excited to see your smile. Whenever you text me I get nervous to see what you said and excited that you thought of me . Whenever you pick me up or were driving somewhere I love holding your hand as we sing along to the song. I love it when you let me play country music even though you hate it . Whenever we kiss I fall in love with you more because you make me feel like i’m the only girl for you . Whenever you have sex I forget about everything wrong in my life and I feel like the luckiest person in the world . I love the way that you hold me and cuddle me after hooking up or talking . I love the way that you laugh at my dancing in the shower or bath . I love how you make food for me and always want to play chess . and whenever I look into your eyes I wish that that moment would last forever because i am so deeply in love with you. And you broke my heart once and I knew you were going to hurt me again but I took the bullet to feel those 6 days of love again but you really hurt me this time. I can’t feel my heart anymore but I can hear it beating and I can’t think anymore because every time I do I can only think of you . Everyone tells me its hard getting over your first love, but this seems impossible .I know that were young and are suppose to find someone new but I have tried and i can’t love someone as much as I love you. I hate the thought of you going back to school because I know that there is no hope for me than, why did you have to chose a school so far away! why did you leave me here!? do you care about me at all?! But when you come back home, I’ll see you and ill get those butterflies again and i will forget all about this pain i am in right now and i will jump right back into your arms like nothing was wrong. and you will leave me again and I am scared for that because I don’t think i can live through another heartbreak by you. you mean so much to me that i would rather but myself though hell to see you. i love you so much . i want to be with you, and i want to be over you and none of those things are happening. pls don’t hurt me again because i love you so much that i will do it again, i will do anything for you please please don’t hurt again i don’t think i will make it.

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