• To the one who took everything from me

    by  • June 28, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Resolution • 1 Comment

    Look at what you’ve done with what you’ve been given. Now look at what I’ve done with what I’ve been ‘given’. And yet I’m still here. If you’re half as intelligent as I’ve come to believe you are, you will know you can never feel secure, because I never, ever quit.

    In a war of attrition, it is always the side willing to lose everything who will triumph. Thanks to you, I have long known what that feels like, to lose the most important thing in the world. Question is, how will you feel when it happens to you?

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    1. TBGH
      June 29, 2017 at 9:06 pm

      “As you sow, so shall you reap”.. You were’nt worth my time to begin with… however I do have ‘my’ life back. With you i was living a lie, each month of that every year. Keep at it, you’re still the sore loser as always. Well done!

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