• from a hurt girlfriend

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    Dear boyfriend. I spent the two weeks prior to our anniversary saying how special this day was to me. I had never in my 21 years of life celebrated an anniversary, and I was so glad it was my first and that it was with you, my first love. You talked about how we were going to spend the whole day together, and honestly that would’ve been enough for me, just spending the day with you. You said that even though it was the day after your brother’s huge graduation party, we would still make it special, no matter if we were tired or hungover, so I was just happy for how seriously you were taking it, just to make me happy. The day came..and it was nothing like I expected it. We stayed until 7am at your brother’s party, you kept drinking till 7 am, by 4am you saw me dead tired, yet instead of staying with me you were just interested in keeping the party going. When I got home, I decided to let it go, we could still make it right after a few hours of sleep, poor silly me even thought maybe you had a little surprise, flowers or something. AND THEN THERE WAS NOTHING. We ended up meeting till 5, only to go grab dinner and a movie, our usual routine. You hadn’t even thought as to were to go, you didn’t even try to make it one bit special or out of the ordinary, even though you knew how much it meant to me. Not a single flower, card, anything, even a note would’ve been enough…as I said before even just spending the whole day together would’ve been enough. I know it may sound petty feeling bummed out about this, but what hurts is that you knew what this day meant to be, you knew how special it was, you saw how determined I was to make you happy I gave you a puppy, and yet after all that…you were comfortable with giving me the bare minimum. It’s been a week and I can’t stop thinking about how over the past months you have given me the bare minimum, you speak a lot about how much you love me, however you have stopped trying to show me, and I don’t care about gifts and stuff, I just remember how your attitude was before, you were so sweet, you genuinely were the happiest when you made me happy, and now it’s different. And it’s so sad to think about 🙁

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