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    1. Too Youuuu
      June 25, 2017 at 7:43 pm

      You have me. I’m always here. Wanting you to reach. It takes two willing to let the other be their. I can say this 1000 times, but it would take you facing your fears to activate it. I will always be in your corner. I’m not going to beg for your reach, it would have to be because you trusted me to reach out. I want an us, but it takes two to make an us. Friendship I am referring to. We would go with the flow and see where it would take US. You reach I grab. It really is that simple. Slate clean and a new start for us. Trust. If you don’t have it then we have nothing. If you have trust then you have a beginning. Full trust takes time and work, but trust enough to reach is a beginning. My door has never and will never be shut on you and my arms are always open for one of our awesome hugs. Does us no good if you keep your door shut and trust crushed because of your pasts experiences. Live in the past you never move forward. Learning from your past and not letting it hinder you makes you move forward. Day by day is the trick. One day at a time. Why? Tomorrow isn’t promised. Why worry about it when today has it’s own troubles to deal with. Wanna figure this out together? Then stop running and face it. You will be amazed at how easy it would be once a person grabs a weak reach. I’m not a person that can heal and fix you, but I’m willing and wanting to go through it with you.

      Love A

    2. I wish..
      July 9, 2017 at 12:57 am

      ..I knew it was you. I feel like I am being observed by you.. Am I imagining things?
      At first I wasn’t going to reply to this post. It would have been better to leave this as it is. We’ve entered the place of intimacy that we never had in the real world. I am guessing as you wish it is best to not mention this if we would ever speak again.
      Still, I don’t know if US will ever happen as friends or more…but I continue to miss it too.

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