• New York, I Love You

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    Dear EK,

    I know our relationship wasn’t perfect. Despite what anyone says, there’s no such thing as a perfect anything. We had our ups and downs but still created something nothing short of beautiful. You helped me grow as a person and were definitely someone I could lean on for support. For that, I want to say Thank You. Thanks for making me laugh, allowing me to be vulnerable and helping me realize my full potential. Above all, I thank you for being my best friend.

    Even though you were the one to officially end things between us, I want you to know that I don’t hold any resentment towards you. If anything, I feel guilty that I could not be the person to give you what you wanted. If only life were that easy…

    In truth, I was a bit blindsided by the news. It took a while for reality to set in. I knew things had been shaky before the start of summer, but I didn’t want to believe that it could all be over so quickly. Even though what we once had is now shattered into two, it is going to take me a while to fully let you go. This is especially difficult because I still have so much love and respect for you. I long for it to become easier.

    You have said in the past that if anything were to happen to us, you’d want to keep me as a life-long friend. Eventually, I would love to be that person to you. For the time being, however, I need space to sort my head and learn how to be my own person again. If somehow we don’t find friendship in the months to come, I’d like to tell you that these last two years with you were incredible and I wouldn’t trade the memories for the world. I only wish you the best in your future ventures.

    Best of luck & until later,

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