• Just a dream

    by  • June 25, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    I had a dream the other night. It keeps haunting me. I awoke feeling warm and at peace, as I always do after I dream of you.

    We were standing at first and then something knocked us off of our feet. Something made us fall, me first and you fell on top of me. Me, on my back under you, we found ourselves giggling at the strange, unexpected closeness we had literally fallen into.

    Just when I thought you were about to climb off of me and help me up, your gaze softened as you brushed stray strand of hair away from my eye. Before I knew what was happening, our lips were meeting for the first time. The introduction was polite and calm, with a long awaited thirsty passion. Breathing in the kiss, we pulled away to share a glimpse of each others’ souls, assessing each others’ reactions.

    Somewhere around us a noise broke the silence. Just as I was about to search for the cause of sound, your hand softly caressed my cheek and you whispered, “Don’t worry about them.” Then suddenly, like a hawk, your lips swooped down for another stolen breath of life from my own. Our tongues danced to a long forgotten rhythm in the swirl of passion engulfing us. As you broke away, gasping for air, you spoke, “I can’t believe we are finally doing this.”

    Suddenly it hit me what we were doing. Scared, I pushed you off of me, and made a run for it. I had to turn around, though. I had to know how my fear affected you. As I turned around, I found you missing, as if you had never been there at all.

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