• A Decade Under The Influence

    by  • June 25, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Closure • 0 Comments

    When you think about life and all it’s uncertainties all the stuff happening around you and what’s going on.There’s always that one question, Is it worth it? Because on June 17th technically still my Friday but the clock turned 12:15 am a Saturday morning and I was driving home from work. I was only ten minutes away from home.. I had my music blaring trying to drown out all my problems in my life . When the light turned green. I was turning left in the left lane thinking about my life, my future. When he hit me. It just took a millisecond. I blinked. I remembering blinking and boom. Waking up to a truck in my passenger side. I remember the blood trickling down my face. As I gasped to catch my breathe. I remember broken glass and a man in red screaming across the road.. I remember waking up and i couldn’t move but I could see the lights turn green. And all i kept thinking was, don’t hit me again. I saw a man in red running and all of sudden by my window screaming are you okay?! I remember my head throbbing and trying to scream help me, but instead my voice was a whispered as I mouthed help me. Please. Help me. I remember my phone was in reach as I heard my father screaming in my head, CALL 911, CALL 911. My body feeling like cement. Idk how but I called. The operator couldn’t understand me, I just remember telling him I’ve been hit,please help me. And the man reassuring me help was on its way but he had to disconnect. I wanted to scream. But I couldn’t move, all i kept hearing in my head was to remain calm, breathe,don’t move. There coming. I just wanted to sleep. But that’s when I heard the sirens coming closer. And all i kept thinking was hurry. I’m in here. The man in red was still outside my car then I heard aloud bang from a slamming door. It was the man that hit me. The man in red screaming at him what the fuck man, what were you doing?! You fucking hit her! You hit her! I didn’t see the man that hit me, I remember the officer opening my door asking for my name and if I’ve been drinking or doing drugs? I wish my body wasn’t hurt because I really wish I would have slapped him. I told him I was getting off work and i only lived 10 minutes away. I was calm but i couldn’t stop crying my tears kept dripping like i was a faucet leaking. The man in the red still there, telling the officer “I saw the whole thing, he fucking hit her man!!! I’m a witness! ” The officer telling the man to step back. He kept asking for my name. And i told him ten times but he still thought my name was Destiny. After this idk how but firefighters were swarming me while I was still in the car. At least six of them. The one man who help me with the blood on my face. I told him, ” I have to stay classy,” he laughed, and wiped the blood from my nose and replied, “Always gotta stay classy.” The one woman told me to stare at her nose as she beemed a light in my eyes.Another man put a band aid on my finger were obviously I needed a whole body bandage. They did what they could. But the point in my horrific story. Life is short. And people really don’t understand everyday is a gift. Because you don’t know when life is going to be taken away from you. Mine was driving home from work, only ten minutes away. And a drunken idiot decided he was gonna hit me. And I didn’t get a say in the matter because I was looking the other way while he was coming from my right. People tell me to stay strong, you’ll get pass this. But people aren’t getting that life is not something you take for granted. The fights,the problems in your life, whatever bullshit. It really doesn’t matter if your six feet under, and dead.And people still might not get it. Or find me dramatic but literally life can be taken in a millisecond. So please don’t waste it and be thankful and grateful for what you have. Because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.

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