• I met a stranger

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    I met a stranger who was no stranger to my soul. His eyes a pair of emerald green rounds who’s brightness was no stranger to my memories. A flash of a past life surfaces every glare into his eyes. The overwhelming sense of an old friend and familiar smell keep me coming for more. His words all so softly but sharply spoken. His life, one rollercoaster ride you must keep your hands inside.
    I met a stranger who reminded me of his power and control. His personality so guarded and walled, climbing seemed an impossible task. His defenses were techniques seen by my eyes in a prior life, who’s labyrinth I could work my way out of. The confusion and reliance on my strategy to find an answer kept me sinking in a dessert. My walls were simple ruble on the ground, my white flag waved with confidence. If only I knew, My walls had been torn by a trojan horse who was not ready to let go of his life.
    I met a stranger who was no stranger to disappointment. His approach that of a ninja, and I the only one who clearly saw his weakness. This stranger, was a stranger to the vulnerable and spontaneous. All my eyes could recognize was the hurt you had endured in this lifetime, and filled with sadness I realized this may not be our lifetime to reunite. A sad truth who’s connection is hard to let go of so easily.
    I met a stranger who was no stranger to my soul. My touch felt electric, and knowledgeable of his every inch. My body spoke his language, and my eyes saw his truth. My ears heard confusion and lies. Our last connection was our history, our truth, our ending. Timing in this life is everything, and everything screamed to let you go. This lifetime has done you many injustices and taught you to be tough. But my presence shocks your very existence into a spiral of unchartered waters.
    I met a stranger who’s lifetime corrupted this very opportunity, and a stranger became a stranger all over again.

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    1. Audreona
      June 22, 2017 at 2:27 pm

      I can relate to this

    2. MSE
      June 24, 2017 at 6:39 pm

      Suddenly beautiful

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