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    Deary Mystery,

    I made the mistake for talking to you for way too long. I felt so unjudged ( is that even a word), comfortable and strangely, at peace, with our interactions. You became a friend, someone who would almost check in with me everyday, felt kind of a unique equation, as I was offering nothing in return, no pics, no flirtatious comments, just pure friendship it was, between us. As soon as I understood we were just friends and there could never be anything romantic, you started hinting romantic interest, and then one day, due to the pressure and advice from my family, I let our friendship go – like a bunch of pebbles in the sea – scattered and without direction. You did come back, at a time, when I was missing you – I couldn’t hold myself back and reconnected with you. I wanted to meet you so badly, I didn’t know if I was in love with you or just loved you as my friend, I still don’t. Lo and behold, you made an excuse to not meet me again. I was shocked, hurt, humiliated to say the least – I had convinced my family you were a dear friend and you wanted to meet me as badly as I wanted to meet you, but you proved them right. I felt like a fool. I still do – it hurts that our friendship was just a game for you. A way to kill time, progress in your career. I now hate you. I hate you for making me feel this way. I hate that you never appreciated that I liked you for who you were and not whether you were a successful person. I hate you for not caring to apologise to me. I hate you for thinking I was talking to you in desperation. Most of all – I hate you for wasting my time. I hope you treat your wife , your friends and the people that care for you well. I hope you succeed in life but most of all, I hope I never meet you. I hope you never contact me. I hope you never think of me. I hope you forget me. I hope I disappear from your life eternally because you have disappeared for me

    your e-Friend,


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