• Old Friends

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    Seeing you for the first time after seven long years was delightful.

    I kept looking at you, not believing I was actually finally with you. I wish my anxiety didn’t make so nervous. I just wanted to hold your hand so many times but they were so shaky.

    Being with you felt both old and new.
    I guess you remind me of my mentor, although I met him after you so I suppose it’s the other way around.
    Just, the bantering and playfulness of spending time with you made me feel happy and comfortable. Unfortunately I wasn’t at ease because, well, it had been seven years and I guess my brain feared what you might think of me, finally seeing me in person again.

    But I don’t regret how we spent our time together. After all, I did kiss you as we said goodbye. Finally. A kiss to make up for those few times I wished it could happen. And many hugs to make up for the years of wonderful friendship I’ve shared with you.

    One of my most favorite feelings is when you make a joke that means a little more than is said and you just look at each other smiling, but the smile is less at the joke and just at the realization of how much you enjoy being with that person.

    I hope we see each other again someday.

    Till next time

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    1. I Love You
      June 27, 2017 at 4:45 pm

      I’ve only one wish. T hat our eyes realise we both love each other. When next I stand before you knocking on your door, I hope you embrace me with loving arms as our eyes become mesmerised for our lips now find what words now not needed.


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