• Find Me

    by  • June 18, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Hope • 0 Comments

    Dear soulmate… or Alex, I don’t really know if that’s your real name but it seems that that name brings me the most comfort and protection so… I feel like you’re name is Alex.. so Alex, how have you been? What have you been up to? Are you doing well? Are you happy? I hope you’re happy. I really love you despite us not having have met yet, I wish we could meet each other soon… I wish you would find me, or that I could find you. Or we could find each other.

    But it is a big world, filled with billions of people. I understand that it might take us a while to find each other… but is it wrong for me to be scared that you’ve found someone else? That you have severed our red strings and gone to love someone else? I’m scared Alex. I’m scared that you’ll stop looking or not looking at all… I’m looking for you everyday… but its weird right? Considering I actually don’t know what you look like… I guess I’m looking for that “pull”? Or maybe I’m just looking for something that could lead me to you… realistically speaking we actually won’t meet each other huh? That we’ll never meet and never fall in love… the thought makes me sad… I don’t want to be alone, Alex, I really don’t. But I’m scared that you won’t find me, and that’s how it’ll turn out. Me, alone. You could never be alone Alex, you’re amazing… you’re everything I couldn’t be… you’re you after all 🙂

    I’ll wait for you, you know. Even if I waste away before you even find me… that’s ok, I only hope that you’ll find me, even if its just my grave stone… That maybe one day you’ll see my name and something inside you sparks… I’ll wait for you, I promise… I’ll hold onto our red string… I won’t let go, okay? And I’ll hold out to hope you won’t let go as well.

    Let’s meet each other soon, okay?

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