• Disappointment and Sadness

    by  • June 14, 2017 • Disappointment • 0 Comments

    I thought we were friends but obviously all we were was work associates. You have no idea what upsets me about this. You take things out of context and jump to conclusions without talking to me. You have an issue you communicate to me in person, you don’t purposely do a dick move to try to send me a message and then getting her to come to your rescue and come up and talk to me so I could figure it out and put two and two together. Your a cop out. Get some balls and do it yourself. Your 36 years old and should be over stupid shit like that. I thought you were better then that. I thought you had a bit more respect for our friendship, but obviously I misjudged that all along. Silly me.

    All you had to do was tell me you don’t have feelings for me and that is totally cool. What you didn’t have to do is what you did the other night. I had people do uncalled for deceitful things like that to me before and thank you so very much for reminding me about it and how guys can be real jerks and not be trusted, even ones who are supposed to be your friends. I apparently needed that reminder. I didn’t deserve that especially when I’ve always tried to be a real friend to you. Out of all people I just didn’t expect that from you.

    I feel sad like I wasted almost a year on what I thought was a friendship not even to mention working together. But apparently it was one-sided. Shows what I know. If I knew you would of acted this way I would of rather not of been friends in the first place and saved the disappointment. Did our friendship mean nothing to you that you had to be that disrespectful?

    At least now I know what your really like. And calling me emotional because of how I first reacted to your text message? You have no idea what it’s been like for me the last couple years and what I’ve been through. No idea. You tend to call objects in your life that breakdown female names because your used to them inflicting pain and disappointing you but have you thought how capable you are of that as well when you do intentional shit like that?

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