• To you, cat person

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    Hi there,

    Since last time I wrote you things did change, and changed again.
    I usually say this indecision is what makes things interesting, but I have to be honest: It is hard to cope with it.

    One day you make me rise to the moon, the day after you slam me hard down to earth.

    If I only would know what you feel for me I could live with it.
    But right know I have no idea if I am anyone worth in your life.

    I want to see you, and all my approaches are failing one after the other.
    It is true, I never asked you to actually go with me, but you also know I cannot be direct with you, there is too much at stake.
    Time will cure my disappointment and crushed hopes, but I cannot risk to ruin the 8 to 5 relationship we must keep going.

    I need you to trust me there, and I need you to do your best – what I feel is secondary.

    Am I too subtle? Are you glad to be able to escape my attempts so gracefully?

    You see, I don’t want one of those fairy tales stories. Chocolate and flowers are the least I am after.

    I would like to get you know better, I would like to understand if this chemistry is only in my head – at least once. I want another of those nights out.
    Something between me and you, and no one else.

    If you will ever ask, I will not lie: my previous stories have been a boring nightmare. This time I will not pretend to be the sane, unfortunate person.
    My expectations and wishes are very different from what you may think, and I am willing to play with open cards.

    But you need to give me a chance. You need to make a step.
    Right now my hands are tied: One word more and I will possibly ruin everything.
    I cannot risk that, therefore I will stop.
    It is up to you to say something, to trigger our game once again.
    Please do. Please ask me if I need company for my trip.
    I am here, for you I’ve always been.

    Goodbye strange one.

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