• So I made a mistake driving today (no harsh comments please :( )

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    So I’m such an absolute idiot,
    Buy trying my best.
    I just passed my driving test in March after 4 attempts. I love my car, but have to admit I’m not yet comfortable driving anywhere. I get so anxious and worried I’ll mess up either by missing something, getting lost, etc.
    Well today I forced myself to drive and visit a friend as she’s previously come to mine and drive up the m25. The actual road itself was fine. The roundabouts though = another story.
    I can now completely see why some people hate driving on roads like that.
    So I come up to the slip road to exit the main road and join another main road on the way back from my friends. As I approach the lights are green but I slow anyway, they then change to yellow as I get closer and instead of stopping I sped up a little to get through, as I did there’s another light above the roundabout kind of sticking to it and that turned red as I passed the white line. I’m now absolutely terrified that I could get my license taken away already.
    It’s no excuse but I wanted to clear the junction and get into the correct lane. But I mucked up & know I shouldn’t have done it.
    People all make mistakes & I know this. Just so so scared I’m going to lose my license.
    I’m going to ring my instructor & enquire about doing a pass plus course to give me more confidence & more tips on doing things right. I would never ever go through a red light intentionally as I know not only is it dangerous, but it’s stupid. But as was yellow thought it would stay yellow for a bit longer and wasn’t expecting there to be a light further ahead but I guess it’s there to warn traffic further back at the junction. Most stupid decision I’ve made yet.
    I need my car for work & really hope I don’t lose it.

    Please don’t make horrible comments. I am literally usually could not be a safer driver, but I know with experience comes better driving. It’s just getting that experience in a safe way. Would have loved to have been able to do motorway driving as a learner but know we can’t cover anything.

    I currently couldn’t feel more sick but know whatever happens, happens. I made the wrong decision and can’t go back now.
    I feel in my defence there is a hell of a lot of pressure on new drivers nowadays. Like strict probation periods. Phone & sat nav use, etc.
    Yet you get people that have been driving for years that are more dangerous than most newly qualified young drivers. Such as, driving too slow, undertaking, not indicating when changing lanes, pulling out without a signal in front of you leading you to harshly brake (just to name a few). Yet these are most often not caught out, yet more than likely do cause the accidents.
    I could not be beating myself up more because of this so please no horrible comments.
    Would provide me some comfort if anyone on here as ever been in the same/similar situation or had any driving mishaps themselves. Starting to feel like self-driving cars maybe really are the future. Driving is incredibly scary & it doesn’t matter how careful or hesitant sometimes it seems it can get you in more trouble as an example, had I not hesitated and braked on green to slow before it changed to yellow then I sped up to get through and then red further it front of me, I would have been fine and would have been closer to the other traffic that got through on solid green. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
    In desperate need of a hug & a prayer.
    It might sound like I’m being ridiculous, but I’m so so worried. The only positive is that I will learn from this & will strive to be better in future.

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