• To the one that wrote the anonymous “Why are you speeding note?”

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    Dear Non-Adult,

    I came to work at 7:00am and never move my car until the end of the day and I find a note saying:

    Why in a hurry?

    Slow down


    1. How did you get a government job when you can’t come up to me and tell me when you saw me speeding like an adult? I did not move my car until the end of the day when I went home. I could not speed in the parking lot since I was looking for a parking space and did not want to miss an empty space.

    2. I suggest you get writing classes if you work for the government. You’re handwriting is terrible and you lack important details. For examples, when, and where you saw me speeding. I was parked all day.

    3. You work for the government act like it specially when you’re job requires to go to meetings and speak to people. You leave notes in front of the people speaking up in the meeting and walk away.

    4. Can you explain how you are going to remain anonymous when you leave your name at the end of the note. There are only 26 rooms I can ask my co-workers that have 5 years working there who you are.

    5. You don’t think you’re actions have consequences. The government has an office that deals with harassment. You’re note is in the harassment grey area.

    6. You make my introversion and shyness look like extroversion. I don’t like conflict but would never leave an anonymous note on a person car like a coward.

    7. If I keep getting notes I will call speak to the appropriate people regarding harassment.

    8. Are you one of those people that have no self esteem and pick on what you believe are the weakest link to feel better about yourself? Bad news non-adult you picked on the wrong person.

    9. You just motivated me to do my best so I come to my job for years to come and will park in the same parking space when it’s available.

    9. Act like an adult it will help you in your career.

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