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    by  • June 10, 2017 • Frustration • 0 Comments

    I dont understand what happened.

    After all the years we were friends, after all we’ve been through, the tears, the laughter
    After all the promises to always be friends,
    You dont even bother to see me or speak to me

    When I reach out to you I get very short uninterested responses. Asking to hang out and you just brush me off saying you’re too busy to see me at all. Too busy for the next three months, you have no time in there to be with your best friend?

    And when I try to ask about you and your family just “fine we’re busy”

    I know when I’m not wanted anymore. But why? And why doesn’t our other friend want me anymore? What did I do wrong? I deserve in explanation considering all that we’ve been through.

    You helped me get over feelings of worthlessness when all you’re doing is just throwing me in the garbage. Saying I’m not good enough to just be a friend. You can’t even stand to give me the time of day, something you only ever did to the worst people that you hated.
    So why are you doing this to me??

    What the FUCK?!????

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