• dude i miss you

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    dude i miss you.

    i loved you, and that wasnt sometihng i’d ever felt before.
    i feel blessed to have felt it with you.

    but i fucked up, and so did you. i regret that.
    i regret how we handled shit, but i would never regret my relationship with you.

    i’m with someone new now. and i think i can love him too.

    it fucks me up though, you know? because sometimes you pop up in my mind
    and sometimes i dont understand why the tears fall down my cheeks.

    theyre all good memories though.

    i can’t even tell you this haha. i legit can’t.

    we don’t talk anymore. i’m scared to start a conversation because i’m scared to know if you’ve moved on.

    that’s crazy right? that’s so selfish. but isn’t everyone selfish in love?

    i dont know if i’m still in love with you. i don’t think i am. but maybe i’m being wishful.

    it hurts sometimes. help me make it stop.

    i miss you. i hope youre doing well for yourself. i genuinely genuinely do.

    mind stalker.

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    1. I never moved on...
      June 10, 2017 at 5:09 pm

      Hey is that you? I never moved on,
      I miss you so much. I hope you got my e-mail with my new phone number. Things are alright but i felt such a void , a cavernous abyss in my heart without you, for so many years, still do, wish things had been different, I felt (still feel) emotionally stranded, I have formed a thicker skin these days but you have always been my weak spot. I felt (still feel) afraid of how deep my love runs for you and hyper-sensitive to your rejection of me. I’m a stronger man now but you are still my kryptonite, if we gave it a chance i’m sure we could be like water to eachother instead, refreshing our thirsty spirits, washing away the pain and regret of the past. I miss you so much you are always on my mind no other woman makes me feel how I do when I think of you. My arms are open and you have nothing to fear with me. If it’s you, you know it’s me… If somehow the e-mail didn’t get through then you know my old cell number i still have that phone too… Hope it is you and I hope we can reconcile.

      Miss your beautiful face xx

      your fallen prince

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