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    Was looking in the mirror. She noticed my stare at her from afar. Taking her time to put her makeup on. I started walking towards her. I could see her hands grab the sink as I got closer. She tried so hard to act as if I wasn’t approaching her. One hand raises to put gloss on her lips, just as my hand grabs hair and the other on her waist. She doesn’t notice me looking in the mirror at the reaction to my touch. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly opened as my lips caressed her neck. In her soft subdued voice she says ” you feel sooo good.” My body reacts at her subtle welcome to my touch. My body starts to throb at the thought of my body pressing up against hers. My hand rises to undo the buttons on her shirt. Her lip gloss drops to the floor as sweet surrender takes over. She turns around. I lift her up to sit on the counter as she spreads her legs and invites me closer. Her skirt raises, exposing her long thin legs. My free hand reaches for my belt and undoes it. I unbuttoned my jeans as they slide to my knees. We press our bodies together, as close as we can. Her hand grabs my hair as she pulls my head back and leans into my ear as she says, ” taste me!” Her legs spread wider as she slides forward on the counter. Her hand guiding me to her wet. My eyes close as the passion floods over my entirety. My mouth latches to her body. The taste of bitter sweet floods my mouth and face. She begins to moan at the entrance of my tongue. Her hips moving up and down vigorously. “Give it to me!” I say as her body seems out of control. I can feel her legs shaking against my warm flushed checks. Sweat rolls down her body as she thrusts against my face. Her eyes have trouble staying open, but when they do her eyes are rolled back. I feel her body tense up as I taste her harder. The grip she has on my hair get hard. My body ignoring the pain and focusing on this beautiful creature and the passion that flows through her. She releases intensely with moans that go straight through me, to my core. Her sweaty, shaking body relaxes. Her hand pulls me up. Our mouths meet to end this with and intense hard and deep kiss. Her wet allike over both our faces. I reach down with my free hand and get my wet on my fingers. I stick them in her mouth as she sucks them. Taking in all she can. She pulls me in close regards aND whispers in my ear ” I’m hungry”. My body guides her to the bed as I lay back and spread my legs. I look her in the eyes and say ” feast on this gorgeous one!” My hand guides her head to where the feast begins.

    To be continued:

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    1. Loving the sound of it with every part
      June 8, 2017 at 11:12 am

      You make me wish I was that woman or just a woman !

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