• I would

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    Push you up against the wall. Take that mouth with mine hard! Your body I can feel shaking with adrenaline. Mine shaking as well. You wrap your leg around me, to pull me in closer. I get my mouth close to your ear, as I feel the warmth of your wet on my bare hip. I whisper into your ear as I take hold of your hair ” I’m hungry for you!” I step back and motion you to the room. Your eyes glasses over with euphoria, you fallow as you take me by my hand. We get to the bed. I tell you ” I want to taste you from the back!” You crawl on the bed. I pressential my naked body up against that sexton ass. I lean forward as my breast press against your back. I pull your head back and start taking that mouth as you take mine in deeply. Tears roll down your face. I work my way to your neck and kiss it hard, as my bodies ache grows stronger. My mouth guides itself to the top of your spine I start kissing, linking, and biting down your spine. I grab your assistance and spread those cheeks and start linking down to your wet. I would eat you like your my last meal. Ohhh the way your moans go straight to my core. My body about to tense in release as my tongue slips inside you deep . You taste soooo good. The red on the cheeks of your face give it away that your body feels every move……you hungry? I’m wet!

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