• Well I get it

    by  • June 4, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    You did the horrible things you did because you could. It had nothing to do with you being hurt.

    You lied and said that it, whatever we were doing legitimately mattered to you because it was easier to walk away making out like you’d been burned! You led me to believe, after the fact, that there was something that wasn’t there because you somehow though that would make you look better. You had me thinking it was my fault we went in circles so that I could carry the guilt. I can accept you ever wanted it to head anywhere. It’s harder to do when I’m being told the opposite but I suppose I was expected to guess. LOL.

    Took me over a year but I get it! You don’t feel remorse for being abusive, but its always good to have a bunch of excuses right? You abused and traumatized me, made out you wanted more but really you had enough of playtime so you abused and then blamed me so I could leave at your convenience.

    I understand completely. I wasn’t dealing with someone who valued me as so much as a human being with a heart and other such human qualities. I wasn’t dealing with someone feels things like remorse.

    I get it, you made out like I was the worlds worst, that I broke your heart so I could feel bad, for all my wrongs, while still believing you were some sort of ‘good guy.’Nice job!

    Fuck! All this time, and hurt and tears, and confusion and remorse and trauma. It all just dawned on me! You know it would have been easier if you had have just left it in truth as being what it always was? Right?

    But oh the headfuck. What a funny number! I fell for the whole thing, as if it all mattered when it didn’t. It didn’t matter at all.

    I know now. There was someone else you preferred and it was time to move on, that’s all.

    At least I know exactly the type you are now. Hilarious!

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