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    Why do I seem to keep returning to anonymous websites where I pour out my heart ABOUT you, when I should be pouring out my heart TO you? Related Post You will always be my favorite what if to the one who makes my days so bright poor you

    Your magic seduces me.

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    You. With a simple wave of your hand or a flash of your eyes, you stir emotions within women that are sometimes dangerous. You know how to manipulate the feelings of every female around you, and sometimes I wonder if you even notice yourself doing it anymore. I know that you realise this is a

    The Threat

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    Recently we were standing in my kitchen, just us. Our eyes avoiding each other. It is really such a small place that in order to face each other and make eye contact requires a level of intimacy that I am unsure if I am comfortable with. Tension enclosed around me, locking me in a small

    Sweet Torment

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    Can I tell you something? It won’t take long, I promise. Almost everything I told you is true. I say “almost” because I really don’t remember eveything I said and I know that emotions are sometimes exaggerated when there is alcohol involved. But I know that you know what I said. I know that you