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    When I say that I know what it’s like to be left of a hallow shell. No direction in sight. Feelings that have been numbed with what feels like nova Caine. I know what it’s like to aimlessly walk wondering why go on with no purpose in sight. These things a person doesn’t make them crazy. It means they have been pulled back their many layers ( liken it to a Vandalia onion if you will). You’ve been stripped to the inner most layer. The part people usually find useless in anew onion. For its taste is a bit bitter.
    Know that only the strong ones who suffer such a pealing of layers, go through this in their lives because they are truly learning what life is about. To try and find a fix in another human is only a temporary bandaid. You yourself alone can’t repair the layers pulled by yourself, although you prefer it be that way. It’s easier to give up at this stage of hallow. God never gives us more than we can handle. He promises us that in His word. Now let Him heal your layers back. He will let you help, but He wants control so He can show you what a true healing from Him is truly like. It doesn’t happen overnight, but I’m sure we both agree that your day to day already anyway. Moment to moment for that matter if I must. It’s amazing how only He can fill the voids you seek from other mere human. You got this woman. You weren’t brought this far back to not be launched forward ( liken that as that of an arrow)!

    It takes pressure and time to make a true diamond! You my girl are just that!

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      Touched my soul:)

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