• Jenn

    by  • May 29, 2017 • To You • 1 Comment

    I’m so, so fucking sorry.
    I know you’re scared, I am too.
    But we don’t have to hold back.
    We aren’t going to get caught.
    If we’re alone, nobody has to find out,
    If we don’t tell anyone, there’s nobody to worry about telling others.
    I want you.
    I need you.
    You’re all I have.
    I’m just as scared as you are,
    But we can ease each others fear.
    I love you with everything I am,
    And I want to prove it you.
    I want, no, need all of you.
    I need your arms around me, holding me, telling me it’s okay.
    I need your lips on mine, pulling me back down to Earth.
    I need your body against mine, making me realize you aren’t leaving me.
    I need you by my side, more than you will ever know, and that terrifies me.
    I am so, so in love with you.
    So much more than you know…
    I can’t lose you.
    I know you’re scared about when November comes around,
    I am too.
    But can’t we just live now and worry about the future later?
    All I want right now in this moment, is to be with you.
    I don’t want to constantly be worrying about whatever the future holds.
    I don’t want to worry about November.
    Or when you graduate.
    Or when you lave.
    Or when you’re in the Marines.
    I don’t want to worry about any of it.
    All I want here and now is you and for everything to be okay.
    Is that too much to ask?

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    1. Ugh
      July 14, 2017 at 5:47 pm

      Wow, so naive thinking you won’t get caught. Watch yourself.

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