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    Kissed her deeply. My body craves to have a woman’s touch. I have to hand it to you. Your touch is by far the most memorable one. I’ve held on for over a year now that maybe you would open the one-sided door knob. I had found myself longing for your touch, kiss and embrace for so long that it was causing inner turmoil. A black thick tar that clings to every organ and seems to collect at the heart. I had stopped loving life due to the light that went out when the door was shut. I don’t blame you for shutting the door. I hold no resentments at all. I knew you weren’t mine when we got started. As time went on you began to feel like a part of me. Yes I was crushed, but only because I put myself in the position for it to happen. I don’t blame you. You made it clear from the start your heart belonged to another, so much so that when you saw him weedeating rge yard it made your heart skip a bit. Do I think you cared for me? Yes! I felt it! I do believe I was just a curiosity on what it would feel like to be with the same sex. Every time we we’re together I fell harder for you. I couldn’t stop. I’m glad one of us protected ourselves. You did what you had to do. I totally understand. As months went by I found myself growing for a woman’s touch. I haven’t been with another woman, but two weeks ago I kissed her. I had been with her 18 years ago. She moved away a few months ago. We hadn’t talked for years. We started talking again and I’ve been to go visit twice already. I hope this eases the longing for you.I miss you. We should’ve stayed best friends. You are gorgeous but most importantly we had chenisrrt.

    Love, Brandy

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