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    I just wish someone would reach out to me first. Sometimes I wish someone felt such intensity for me that they would write a letter to me on here, or made the point to let me know how much I mean to them. Romantically, I mean. What stings is I had all this love from

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    It’s forward time.

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    The baby has stepped enough. It’s not a baby anymore. It was never even a baby. Was it? It was always what it is now. A Fulfillment. A fulfillment waiting, patiently and sometimes not patiently, to be filled. Waiting for the right time. Waiting for us to experience certain happenings of life. To gain knowledge.

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    This is It.

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    To My First Love: Thank you, for teaching me that love has no boundaries, but time tells all about a person, and I was young and naive to believe in your sweet lies.So I had to break my own heart to know my self-worth and value was more then your broken promises. To My Wanderer:

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