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    There are certain inevitabilities when two people have been together for a long time, regardless of age, location, or the overall quality of the relationship. One of those is that there will be fights. Short fights, long fights, ugly fights, stupid fights, fights on every end of every spectrum and at every point in between. It’s just human nature, the byproduct of the melding of two individual spirits into one collective endeavor called love. As a relationship extends longer, the dynamics of its fights change as the ‘combatants’ become more aware of each other’s ‘tactics’. And so, after this most recent fight I realized that my “sorrys” probably don’t mean what they once did. (Yours…do, but I’m not getting into that now). What’s the old cliche, a picture says 1000 words? No, that’s not right, the other one, actions speak louder than words. So, my task then is to endeavor to express through actions my sincere remorse concerning those aspects of our fight that are attributable to my behavior. Fortunately, I know exactly what to do. It’s quite the plan, and I think you will agree 🙂 You see, tomorrow I will be staying late at work so that when I get home you will already be in bed watching tv. “Hi, honey, how was your day?”, you’ll say, or something to that effect. But I won’t say anything. The puzzled look on your face when I don’t respond belies your developing knowledge that something is up, but what you could never know, at least at this moment is that I purposely did not eat anything all day long, not a single calorie. And, love, I am ravenous. I come on to the bed with you and grab your knees, opening then to what I crave. I push your nighty up but leave your panties in place…for now. My hands move along your legs, roughly gripping your thighs. “What are you…” you trail off as you see my eyes intent and my mouth salivating. I kiss you gently just about the inside of your knee, then ascend slowly leaving wet kisses all the way up your inner thigh until I reach your panty line at which point I move to your other thigh and begin anew. You hear my breathing intensify as I lick and suck and bite your soft, supple thighs. You know all too well what savage impulses they trigger in me; what perversion and abject immorality I must have in store for you now. But you welcome it, you want my deviant lust. Suddenly, I rise up, grab your legs, and violently flip you over. I rip your panties in half because I cannot wait the extra 3 seconds it would take to remove them properly. I lift your ass up and shove your head down. Now I shall feast. I begin by spreading your cheeks and then with one tantalizingly slow and deliberate swath of my tongue lick you from your clit along your pussy to your tight little asshole. I playfully lick in small circles around the edges thrusting my tongue fully inside you. I devour your asshole. Hmm baby you taste sooo good. While I continue eating your ass I insert my middle fingers into your warm wet pussy and rub your clit with my thumb. You’re gonna come really good babe I promise you. My face still buried in your ass I start thrusting my fingers inside you harder and harder and rubbing your clit faster and faster. You wanna come now don’t you baby, please come for me love that’s all I want to feel your body quiver with my tongue deep in your asshole…..Thank you baby. I wanted to remind you how much you mean to me and how much I desire you. And I wanted you to know that I’m sorry for my part in our fight. I hope that was adequately conveyed.

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    1. "Jane"
      May 15, 2017 at 10:07 am

      I’m wet….

    2. @ "Jane"
      May 17, 2017 at 10:52 am

      So am I! Sooooo wet. Will you kiss my inner thighs?

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