• Open letter… its going to die

    by  • May 14, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Anger • 0 Comments

    The helpless kitten you dumped on my property in the country, its going to die.
    I guess you were cruel to it, it runs from me. I can’t catch it to take it the pound.
    My grown barn cats hiss at it the moment it comes close.

    I guess you noticed all my cats and figured I like cats, I do not.
    These are working cats, they hunt tiny snakes and field mice.
    These cats have all their shots, are all spayed and neutered

    I paid to have my cats fixed because I didnt want anymore.
    I paid to have them vaccinated against rabies because it’s an issue with miles of countryside and wildlife.

    You dumped that defenseless kitten and it will most likely not survive the night.
    The local wildlife, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, oppossum, skunks, etc will likely make a quick snack of that tiny 6(?) week old kitten.

    I wish someone could dump you off in some desolate inhospitable no man’s land.
    You had it in your hands, already in the car(there’s not a house for miles) and instead of taking it to the pound where it would have a chance…
    You dumped it here to die. If not painfully by snake bite, then torn apart by a coyote, or starvation.

    The countryside is no place to dump your unwanted animals.
    They wont survive out here, dogs do not come out here and learn to hunt rabbits.
    Those animals die painfully, snake bites, infection from injuries, starvation, eaten by larger predators.. do them a favor take them to the damn pound where they MIGHT be adopted but even if they aren’t, at least they will be put to sleep humanely. Either way, they’re dead.
    Everything dies, you ensured it’s death will be painful. I hope yours is too.

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