• Happy Mother’s Day

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    Shout out to the moms out there today who are at home, sick. To those of you whose kids don’t realize what it takes out of you to be a good mother. To those of you who have forgotten that you are first and foremost, a woman. To those of you who never acknowledge your own wants and needs, because acquiring them would mean someone you love must sacrifice one of theirs.To those of you who are endlessly exhausted from giving all of your energy to those around you who never even say thank you or acknowledge your efforts and endless sacrifices. To those who deal with the backtalking teens when all you are trying to do is teach them to be functioning members of society. To those of you whose husbands ignore everything you do and demand more. To those unappreciated mothers who give and give and give without complaint and without end. Very few people in this world are selfless enough to live that way day in and day out, without going insane. Happy Mother’s Day!

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