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    It Only Took One

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    It Only Took One It was the scars. The fear. The troubled boy. The one who took it all away. It wasn’t the broken survivor. It wasn’t the changing adventurer. It wasn’t the hesitant caretaker. It was the once innocent boy. His mistakes. His drive to help everyone. His lack of worth. His hidden cracks.

    Ripped you off

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    Dear R. Remember when you were a partner in the bar at the hotel in W? One night you absent-mindedly left the day’s receipts on a desk in the back room of the hotel reception where I worked the late shift. I found the envelope with the large amount of cash ($900 in 1976). I


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    I just never texted again… i wanted to….not even sure if u wrote back after mt last text…. had to much going on… thought about texting u today not really sure if I should or if it will be welcomed… maybe one day sunshine…. Related Post It’s 2:40am and you’re all I can think... ..