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    Bleating heart

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    The hardest thing in this life is living when I find myself wanting to be somewhere else. Somewhere with you. I consider myself quite blessed that the hardest thing in my life is missing the one I love. I know it could be worse and I often smile at the absurdity of it all. As

    Sights seen

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    So i was driving to work, visualizing myself watching a salt water crocodile swimming. This salt water crocodile comes to an intersecting point with a fresh water crocodile and I wonder which would survive, then I think… well I wont know unless someone else sees it. So I imagine a helicopter happening overhead at this

    Detrimental Daze

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    I’m not really sure where I want to go with this. Or even what I’m trying to convey. My head has just been spinning and it’s all made me so uncomfortable my stomach hurts. This could be my recent flare up of OCD speaking. Or it could be genuinely me seeing things in a different