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    Ignored Award

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    Dear Sir, I received an award for best oral presentation. I was ecstatic as you and many others above me at work have been on my case for years saying I should practice more, speak up more, present more, and get better at public speaking. You ignored my desire to not be pushed. You ignored

    Things Unsaid

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    I have been thinking a lot about what happened. Not just about the past few days, but everything that happened from the start. We met because we both have unmet needs – you with your unhappy marriage, and me as a newly-single, and very broken, person. At that moment, we filled a void that we


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    C, We’ve been in the sane research group for about six months. You’re a newer member and I’ve been in it for two years. We’ve only spoken a few times, but when we did, we both awkwardly smiled at each other and used our wit as a way to block saying actual things. That’s normal

    I wish it could happen.

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    I look forward to seeing you everyday in PE and Band, don’t think I haven’t noticed. Haven’t noticed the things you say, the small gestures you do, the things you say under your breath. Every time you say my name there a little lilt, a small hitch. Every time you touch me there’s static, and