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    Time to stop

    by  • May 7, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 7 Comments

    Dear J, I have been ignoring my conscience and common sense for too long, enjoying and maybe even nurturing these inappropriate feelings toward you. I think I must do my best to extricate you from my heart, before I cause any real trouble. I’ve come up with all sorts of reasons why I have been

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    Stay or go

    by  • May 7, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Moving On • 1 Comment

    I feel no pressure to weigh in on the prolonged silences. I feel no obligation to comfort your stresses, or to massage your ego. Last night, with you in bed, all I hear was the proverbial clock ticking as I felt nothing. Sure, I was tired, sure, you weren’t trying to turn me on, but

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    I’m NOT doing ok

    by  • May 7, 2017 • Depression • 3 Comments

    It baffles me how easily people can shake from their mind what they know and don’t want to remember. We all do it; but I wish we didn’t. How can you not see I’m getting worse, not better? How can so many people know I’ve been on the edge and not just maybe shoot me

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    If you think this is about you, it is..

    by  • May 7, 2017 • To You • 18 Comments

    I hope that you rot in hell for the way you treated me. I don’t have positive feelings about you at all. You manipulated and used me and I can’t wait for the day when your girlfriend sees through your bullshit and fucking murders you, you piece of shit. LMFAO. Goodbye, motherfucker, and onto something

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