• if you’re going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty.

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    dear dad,
    i love how you think our family is ever so dependent on your presence. if you were to leave, nothing much would change. i mean, you’ve done it before, haven’t you? i’ve started to depend less on you for things that i need, and more on myself. you walk around out house thinking like you’re the man up top, like you’re the head of everything, when really, you’re just a coward. you’re scared of what would happen if we showed that we didn’t need you anymore, which we really don’t. i got to thinking earlier, when mom was talking. she was saying how no one does anything around the house, and how she’s just so tired of having to work at her job then come back home and work. i know for a fact that i don’t do much around the house unless i’m told, and i will easily admit that. you, on the other hand, will fight and fight to make it seem as if you’re the good guy, when in reality, you’re just as bad as the rest of us. yes, you pay the bills for the house, and yes, you work almost every day to support us, but mom can do that easily just as well. if you’re going to be rude and mean towards our family, get out, seriously. nobody likes youuuu omg take a hint.

    lol kay thanks

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