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    Who am I

    I am someone

    I am someone’s daughter

    I am someone’s sister

    I am someone’s cousin

    I am someone’s niece

    I am someone’s grandchild

    I am someone’s colleague

    I am someone to a stranger that needs help and comfort

    I am someone’s friend

    I am your friend

    My love for you knows no bounds

    Even though distant I may be

    My spirit is always with you

    Whether you know it or not

    Your presence completes the perfect and yet imperfect circle that is my life.

    A piece of the puzzle that makes everything fit together

    Your absence makes me hunger

    I am yours and never forget

    I wish to talk to you but feel that we are in a stage where space is needed to think things through. To do what needs to be done for our own highest good and to help us along our life purpose.

    God and the angels who do His Will are with us and support us for our own highest good. They give us strength when we feel like giving up. They are the small voice of reason in this chaotic world. We need to be receptive to their guidance and wisdom to help us conquer all obstacles on our way and to guide us towards patience to await all that is about to bear fruit for us. Our time is coming and with it change and positivity and happiness. Some changes we will not like but they will be for our best. Resist not the tide of goodwill that comes our way. It only seeks to wash us to shores of bounty.

    Know that I am always here for you


    I love you more than you will ever know

    Your presence in my life is one of my souls comfort

    I wonder what your thoughts of me are, if you ever once in a blue moon do think of me

    Still, know that no matter what I love you and cherish you wholeheartedly and with my whole soul.


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