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    Under the Awning

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    I’m under it right now. Different canvas but all the same feels. That rainy June night, just you and me. Maybe the biggest mistake of my life not kissing you then and there. All this nostalgia is flooding me right now, and I just want you to know how desperately I am in love with


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    I’m sorry, honey… I love you so, so much… It’s sad to feel like you’ll never understand how great is this love I have for you. And it’s sad to see it looks like we just can’t understand each other, too… I see it hurts you a lot, and it does for me as well.


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    she was beautiful. she was glowing. she was thrilling. but you payed attention to her when her clothes were on the ground and only found her beautiful when she was on her knees. a.r Related Post kleptomaniac. I can honestly say I hate you bitch Thinking of You & All the Shit You put ME

    Bled Dry

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    Well, this is it. I feel like I have been bled completely dry. You bled me dry. You appeared, opened my heart like a blossoming flower, and watched as it all poured out, without ever helping me to fill it back up. So I guess this is it. This is goodbye. I must go now

    I think…

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    To whomever it will never concern, I’m writing you again. I hope that’s okay. You get a lot of letters so I don’t expect you to remember me. I asked you to call me Yuuno last time. I like salt and vinegar chips and pink nails. Do you remember me now? It’s alright if you