• We all bleed red Darlin

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    I met you a while back at the store I’ve worked at for 4 years now. We did the normal employee to customer short talk. I tried to get your attention so many times, but I never thought you noticed. After a couple years of this, I finally got tired of it. I had to know. I asked you out. You looked so surprised that I asked you. You said yes, with the biggest smile on your face. The other day I asked why you never asked me out, and your answer really made me realize that life in a small town is torture. Im white. You are mixed. You said that you never asked me out because you were trying to figure out if I only dated white guys. That you weren’t sure if I would go for you. While you ARE the first guy I’ve wanted to date that isn’t white…the color of your skin shouldn’t have stopped you. I wasn’t raised to be racist. My aunt married a black man. My grandfather married a hispanic woman. I can’t stand how racist people are in this little town. All over the world. “Whites should only date whites. Blacks should only date blacks.” Makes me sick. There is bad in EVERY race. There is good in EVERY race! Its 2017 people!!! Grow up! The color of our skin is just that…color. Guess what, take the skin away and we are all the same. We all bleed red darlin. I’m a 27 year old white female. You are a 30 year old mixed race male. Guess what darlin…I want to be with you. It hurts me deeply that you thought, for 2 years, that I would never go out with you because of the color of your skin. We have a date this Saturday, and I can’t wait. I am so glad I asked you out. I am so glad you said yes. I wish I would have asked sooner, but I thought you never asked me because you were with someone. I’ll see you soon darlin.

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