• Unwanted end

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    The end of a relationship, one that you don’t want to end, is like drowning in thick air. I imagine us on a boat floating on air that is thicker than the air we’re breathing. Above the boat everything is great it’s the two of you in the sun enjoying each other. But eventually one of you decides to tie weights around the other ones ankles and pushes them over board. For whatever, reason you don’t want them on your’ boat anymore. As you sink you try and try to swim back to boat as it gets further and further. You’re holding your breath because you feel like you can’t breathe and you’re hoping that they reach down and pull you up. You sink so far down you can’t see the boat anymore and your sitting on the bottom of the ocean with the weights still tied around your feet, you’re alone. But then you realized you can breathe, the air is just thicker making it harder and it’s not the air you love but you’ll live. You manage to get the weights off and you start to swim back up, it’s a hard swim. You can’t breathe as easily and it’s easier to sink than it is to swim. It’s starting to get brighter and when you finally break the surface you can breathe that air again. Her boats not there anymore, it hasn’t been since she left you, but that’s ok, some else will come along and pull you in.
    It’s still hard for me to say that knowing that I probably won’t be getting in anyone’s boat any time soon. Because I know that when I get back to the surface, after everything she’s put me through, I’ll still look around one more time to see if maybe, by some miracle, her boats still there.

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