• The devolution of a trophy daughter

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    My grandmother never called you a traitor when you said she was the reason I fell into bad influences, even if you’re the role model for most of my vices. But then again that’s what you do best, find faults in a person and brand them for what you think they are. So cheers to such a traitorous daughter, who was never good enough and who could never match up to your expectations.

    You of all people could never understand me, that was probably what made everything difficult. I’m not blaming that on you, most of the time I can’t understand myself too. But I understood YOU.

    I realized at a young age that I was a trophy before I was a human being but when i wanted to be treated differently, suddenly, I was a disappointment as a daughter and now I am simply a traitor.

    It seems to inconvenience you when I try to clarify myself, after all its easier for you to talk to the air rather than directing the conversation at me. These are the times I can’t help but wallow in self-pity.

    You haven’t seen me grow but its clear how I fell apart. Its the irony of the bond that flows through the blood but never touches the heart.

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