• To my young self

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    I wish I understood the concept of men come and go when I was sixteen. When I was naive and innocent and I didn’t know any better when boys tell me they love me. I wish when I was nineteen my parents encourage me on my hopes and dreams instead of controlling me and trying to teach me that the world was cruel but never taught me the lesson that men are dangerous with words such as, “You’re beautiful” or “You’re the only one.” I wish when I turned 21 when I had my first heartbreak someone explained to me that boys lie all the time, and that they’ll say anything to you to get into bed, with a price on your body and self-worth. I wish at 23 when I looked in the mirror I didn’t hate myself and wanted to die because the man that I love actually did not love me which just broke my heart.Let’s fast forward into now, I’m turning 25. I have come to realize after all this time the men I choose in my life reflect on how I feel about myself. I am finally seeing the pattern. I don’t want a man too just see my body. I want him to fall in love with my mind, my intellect.I want him to know my deepest secrets, what makes me tick,i want him to ask,why am i the way I am? I want him to see me at My worst so then I can give him My best. My body is my temple but what counts is on the inside. No matter how cliche that sounds. Time will change my body, my face, but my mind will always be determine and have will. I am not just a vessel to fuck, or too show off. I am a woman, a proud woman to know my self worth. And finally realize what I deserve is more then what I have been settling for. Please to whoever is reading this know your worth. Know this, and remember YOU ARE IMPORTANT, YOUR THOUGHTS MATTER,YOUR DREAMS AND HOPES CAN AND WILL COME TRUE,DO NOT SETTLE, YOU ARE A TEMPLE, NOT A BUS STOP, NOT A STOP AND GO, YOU ARE HOME,YOU ARE THE NORTH STAR. Please BELIEVE THIS.It took me 25 years to realize what I needed the most is self love for myself. What I needed to learn growing up is in order to receive love you first have to love yourself and know your worth.This takes time. Do not beat yourself up for it. Give yourself time.Learn about yourself. Grow. Love deeply. Do not Settle and do not realize when it’s too late. Stay strong. I Love you.

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    1. Anonymous
      April 19, 2017 at 4:24 am

      Thank you for this.
      May love and light come to you always.

    2. Anonymous
      April 19, 2017 at 4:26 am

      I needed this.

    3. me
      April 21, 2017 at 9:49 pm

      Thank you sister
      I appreciate you

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